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Organizing Team

Guy Djoken

 ‎Executive Director of 

 UNESCO Center for Peace

Michelle Roberts

 ‎Multimedia Competition

National Coordinator

Heather Caton

President and CEO of the

World Genesis Foundation

Anna Chung

Head Web Development Director of USFUCA

Volodia Radevych

2015 Multimedia Competition Winner (15-19)

Momal Mushtaq

2014 Multimedia Competition Winner (20-24)

Alexander Walzl

2015 Multimedia Competition Organizer

Gail Beryl Owuor

2015 Multimedia Competion 3rd Place Winner (15-19)


Chaitanya Jain

2015 Multimedia Competition Winner (20-24)


Raymond Dong

 2015 Multimedia Competition Organizer

Elyse Yao

 ‎2016 USFUCA Multimedia Competition Web Developer

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