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 2017 Worldwide UNESCO Center for Peace Youth Multimedia Competition 

UNESCO Center for Peace, the U.N. organization that brings grass roots initiatives in Education, Science, and Culture, invites youth around the world to take part in this year’s Multimedia Competition.  Unparalleled connectivity put youth in one of the greatest positions to bring much needed change to the world.  


UNESCO’s mission is to mobilize the optimism of youth to respond to an acute world problem to serve others now.    Last year, motivated participants from over 65 countries submitted over 600 projects in this highly rewarding contest.

Entrants should respond in English by making a 3-5 minute multimedia production, 500-700 word written essay, art work or another means that channels a specific passion in answering the prompt.  (Translations or subtitles for projects not  submitted in English do not have to be perfect.)  Check the video above for a short video explaining the contest.  This year’s prompt is -

The international crisis of the growing number and desperate situation of refugees is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today.  Document how this crisis affects your life and / or offer a comprehensive, achievable solution to the problem.



Who can Participate?

Youth around the world in three age groups:    juniors - ages 10-14;  youth - ages 15-19; and young adult - ages 20-24

Group submissions will be accepted for non-essay projects in the same age categories.



Contest Dates:   

January 1, 2017 - March 1, 2017  (ending at 11:59 March 1, 2017 Eastern Standard Time)



Winners in each category will receive a scholarship to the 2-week Builders of the Universe camp in Maryland, USA.  Group admissions will split 1 scholarship between the entrants.


All entrants will receive a digital thank-you letter from UNESCO Center for Peace for participating.  

There will be 10 semi-finalists for each age group who will receive a certificate from UNESCO Center for Peace. 

The winners in each age group will also receive a certificate and an invitation to UNESCO’s Builders-of-the-Universe Camp held during the summer of 2107 at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, USA.  If a group wins, there will be ONE scholarship offer in each age category.  It will be divided between the number of entrants per group.  

The invitation will include a scholarship for the camp fee, food, and accommodations. Airfare is not included.  There will be a special ceremony held to recognize contest winners at the camp.  In addition, the winners will be recognized and showcased in global events during the year.   This is a tremendous opportunity for youth to build leadership skills, attend a United Nations session, meet UN members, tour the White House/ Congressional Building, and meet like-minded youth from around the world.


How to Submit your Work:

Step 1:    Go to www.unescousaorg.

Step 2:    Fill out the 1-page submission form at

                Review the contest terms and conditions.  In the form, paste the link to your project.  If that will not work,



*Send questions to . Put YOUTH CONTEST QUESTION in the subject line.


Submission Guidelines:

  • The work has to be relevant to the question.

  • Your work must be original with no professional assistance.

  • All participants need to fill out the Submission Form and agree to the disclaimers.

  • Please make sure your essay satisfies the following formatting criteria:

    • Saved and submitted in pdf format

    • 12 point Times New Roman

    • Double-spaced or 1.5

    • 1-inch margins

    • 500-700 words in English

  • For ALL projects that use outside sources, all sources MUST be listed at the end in MLA format.  Do not just provide a link.  Projects that use outside material without citing the sources will NOT be counted.  That constitutes plagiarism.  

  • Videos must be between 3-5 minutes.

  • Images of 3-dimensional art will be accepted.  Provide a 150-175 word explanation in English of how your work responds to the prompt as part of your submission.

  • 1 entry per person

  • 1 entry per group for non-essays

  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the contest


Contest Winners:

  • Announced on March 30, 2017

  • Published on the UNESCO and USFUCA websites

  • Names in various newspapers, newsletters and press releases around the world

  • Projects taken to UN officials by UNESCO Center for Peace President, Mr. Guy Djoken



Key Dates:



Contest Starts:   January 1, 2017

Judging:               Feb 25, 2017 - March 25, 2017

Contest Deadline:          March 1, 2017  (11:59 EST)

Winners Announced:     March 30, 2017

Do You Accept Group Submissions?
Yes - for non essays only in the same age categories.  ONE scholarhip will be divided equally group members if necessary.

Who are the Judges?
The international panel of judges will be selected and showcased on the official website.  These are professional adults with experience in academia, business, and / or the arts.                 

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